Master Plan for North Cheyenne Cañon

January 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Cheyenne Mountain High School
1200 Cresta Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

For those living near Cheyenne Cañon, this is the time to get involved with the master plan.  The master plan is being revisited because of the land exchange with the Broadmoor.  Read below.

The City’s historic mountain park is set to get lots of attention over the next eight months as the City’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department teams up with community residents to develop an updated Master and Management Plan for the popular North Cheyenne Cañon Park.

The Master and Management Plan will focus on a little over 1,855 acres of land, including the core of the park property as well as the adjacent Cresta and Stratton Forest Open Spaces. Additionally, the plan will encompass the property added to the park from the recent land exchange with the Broadmoor. The plan will also focus on trail connections between the park and the adjacent open space properties, including Stratton and Stratton Preserve Open Spaces. (see map)

The existing North Cheyenne Cañon Park master plan was developed in 1999. Since that time, park use has significantly increased and recreational needs have expanded and changed, creating impacts on the natural resources of the park.

Public Involvement Process

All community meetings indicated below will take place at 6 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain High School (1200 Cresta Road)

  1. Identify issues, concerns and guiding principals (July 2017-September 2017)
    1. Interviews, ice cream socials, on-site, social media and web online surveys
    2. Community workshop #1 on September 19
  2. Identify opportunities, problem situations and master plan preferences (October 2017)
    1. Community workshop #2 on October 17
  3. Review preliminary draft plan approaches (December 2017)
    1. Community workshop #3 on December 13
  4. Review draft master and management plan (January 2018)
    1. Community open house on January 25
  5. Present recommended master and management plan (February 2018)
    1. TOPS Working Committee – Park Advisory Board
  6. Approve final master and management plan (March 2018)
    1. Park Advisory Board

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